Marine Engine Main Bearing

Main Bearing in Marine Engine convert sliding friction into rolling friction therefore it the most important marine spare of marine engine allowing the crankshaft to rotate and power the propeller.

Having a basic knowledge about the main bearing is important for the marine engineers / technicians as it is a very important spare part of marine engines. At Al Sol Marine Services LLC, we have trained and experienced talents to support you with all your enquiries.

There are different types of main bearings here are their details:

Types of the main bearings:

    1. Lead Bronze Bearing
    2. Bi-metal Bearing
    3. Tri-metal Bearing

Lead Bronze Bearing

    1. Flash Layer – Flash Layer is the upper layer of the main bearing that is made of lead & tin. Its main use is to shield the main bearing from dust when it’s not in use.
    2. Nickel Barrier – Nickel Barrier is the second layer, and its main function is to prevent corrosion & stop any diffusion of tin happening into the bearing metal. This layer is made of nickel.
    3. Lead Bronze – This layer is made up of bronze and has a anti-seizing feature.
    4. Steel Back – This layer supports the whole bearing as it the last part.

Bi-metal Bearing

    1. Aluminum Tin – The main element and also the first layer consists of Al & Sn.
    2. Bonding layer – Its primary function is to have a bond between the topmost layer & the shell. It is made of aluminum.
    3. Steel Layer – Its main function is to support and give it shape.

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Tri-metal Bearing:

    1. Flash layer – Its main use is to protect the bearing for any damage through dust or corrosion when it is not in use. When its not in use it flashes off. Its mostly made up of lead & tin.
    2. Overlay – It’s the second layer of the tri metal bearing with a thickness of 20 microns. Its primary component is made of a white metal
    3. Interlay– this layer is used as a anti-corrosive for overlay and its thickness is 5 microns.
    4. Lining – This is made from bronze & lead with a 1mm thickness. In lining layer between interlay & steel back.
    5. Steel Back – This is mainly used for support & shape for the bearing.

Properties of main bearings materials

These are some of the properties of a main bearing:

    1. To avoid corrosion the bearing material is made up of anti-corrosive
    2. A very good load-bearing capacity
    3. An excellent grinding & running in ability.
    4. There is a minimum energy loss between journal & bearing
    5. Bearing material will not react with lube oil
    6. They have thermal resistant property to avoid any damage to the bearing
    7. Their compressive & tensile strength is amazing

Forces / Pressure applied on Bearings

    1. Gas pressure inside the liner
    2. Pressure through the rotating motion of marine engine parts
    3. Centrifugal forces dues to some other rotating parts
    4. Friction is created from the engine vibration between bearings and crankshaft.
    5. Main Bearings are made in such a way that they can handle pressure / forces. Bearing manufacturers use essential materials to support the crankshaft. Lubricating oil is used to handle the pressure by the main bearing.

Bottom line

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